Looking Fabulous

Always Looking Fabulous~

If most people’s grandparents were alive, they would be appalled at the things we wear in public.

I’m not even referring to things that are too sheer, tight or revealing, either. It’s more about how casual we dress for any situation that involves leaving the house. It’s not uncommon to see full-grown adults in pajamas, out and about, as if wearing flannel pants cheerily festooned with a sports team was just as valid as wearing jeans in public. Which it isn’t. At best, it’s the most severe form of laziness one could ever experience. At worst, it’s the sign that putting on jeans — hell, even workout pants, which are the city dweller’s equivalent to PJ pants — has become too much effort.

Looking back at photos from our grandparents’ generation, everyone looks so dapper. Their clothes fit. Their hair is combed. They do not look like they’re on day 6 of a weeklong bender. And there is not a baseball cap in sight. While it would be ridiculous to go back to ’50s standards of dress, with stringent girdles (for the ladies) and sock garters (for the gentlemen), I think we do need to reassess what our clothes are saying about ourselves.

Let’s take a look at a few common situations where people used to dress up from our grandparents’ days.

Airplane Travel: Come on people is it too much to ask you to change out of your pajamas and put on something appropriate before boarding an aircraft? (That goes for anyone over the age of 3) Yes, we all want to be comfortable, but that does not mean sweatpants or worse yet, pants that hang down our backside. Have some respect for yourself.

Grocery Shopping: I’m not saying you must don a hat and gloves, a’la our grandmothers. But a little style wouldn’t hurt either. Put a comb through that hair. If you don’t want to put on makeup then a nice pair of Jackie O style sunglasses and a little lipstick can do the trick.  Show you care about your appearance.

Going into town or a night on the town: This one baffles me, as to why someone would not want to get dressed up to go out and about! If you are going out, its an opportunity to get dressed up. Especially if you are meeting friends or having a night with a significant other, go ahead and show that you put some thought into your wardrobe and that they matter to you!

I realize that times have changed, and that everything today is about comfort. But if you put a little thought into your wardrobe and throw away that which is dated and over-worn, you can be comfortable and still look classy & fabulous in the process.

Transocean Air lines 377 Stratocruiser





Rosewall's ShopCrowd on 42nd St. and 5th Avenue, NYC circa 1940s


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