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If most people’s grandparents were alive, they would be appalled at the things we wear in public.

I’m not even referring to things that are too sheer, tight or revealing, either. It’s more about how casual we dress for any situation that involves leaving the house. It’s not uncommon to see full-grown adults in pajamas, out and about, as if wearing flannel pants cheerily festooned with a sports team was just as valid as wearing jeans in public. Which it isn’t. At best, it’s the most severe form of laziness one could ever experience. At worst, it’s the sign that putting on jeans — hell, even workout pants, which are the city dweller’s equivalent to PJ pants — has become too much effort.

Looking back at photos from our grandparents’ generation, everyone looks so dapper. Their clothes fit. Their hair is combed. They do not look like they’re on day 6 of a weeklong bender. And there is not a baseball cap in sight. While it would be ridiculous to go back to ’50s standards of dress, with stringent girdles (for the ladies) and sock garters (for the gentlemen), I think we do need to reassess what our clothes are saying about ourselves.

Let’s take a look at a few common situations where people used to dress up from our grandparents’ days.

Airplane Travel: Come on people is it too much to ask you to change out of your pajamas and put on something appropriate before boarding an aircraft? (That goes for anyone over the age of 3) Yes, we all want to be comfortable, but that does not mean sweatpants or worse yet, pants that hang down our backside. Have some respect for yourself.

Grocery Shopping: I’m not saying you must don a hat and gloves, a’la our grandmothers. But a little style wouldn’t hurt either. Put a comb through that hair. If you don’t want to put on makeup then a nice pair of Jackie O style sunglasses and a little lipstick can do the trick.  Show you care about your appearance.

Going into town or a night on the town: This one baffles me, as to why someone would not want to get dressed up to go out and about! If you are going out, its an opportunity to get dressed up. Especially if you are meeting friends or having a night with a significant other, go ahead and show that you put some thought into your wardrobe and that they matter to you!

I realize that times have changed, and that everything today is about comfort. But if you put a little thought into your wardrobe and throw away that which is dated and over-worn, you can be comfortable and still look classy & fabulous in the process.

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Rosewall's ShopCrowd on 42nd St. and 5th Avenue, NYC circa 1940s


The 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers: 2013 Edition

The Fabulous 50 Best Dressed!


Autumn in New  York is like nowhere else in the world: The days are bright, the muggy heat of summer subsides, and the city itself seems re-energized as locals bid farewell to leisurely long weekends and prepare to buckle down and face a new season.

Then, of course, there’s the fashion. September is really the industry’s biggest month, as richly-textured fall collections arrive in stores and New Yorkers can finally ditch their summer garb and start trotting out their best fall looks on their way to appointments, the office, and — yes — New York Fashion Week. The magazine world heralds the new season by rolling out big cover stars on their September issues, all clad in fall’s most covetable designer pieces.

To celebrate the fall here at StyleCaster, we’re proud to present the 2013 edition of the 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers. Every year, we tirelessly comb the city…

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Fabulous White Dresses

Sending Summer off in Style

With Labor Day right around the corner, it looks like it may be our last opportunity to rock a white dress until next summer. These are my top picks to send the summer off in style.

My favorite dresses are short, not too clingy and comfortable for dancing, and ideally shows off good shoes. But maybe you’re more of a strapless, mid-length and tight sort of girl, or that’s what’s more flattering on you. That’s fabulous too.

Everyone’s got a favorite dress style, and I don’t expect yours to be mine. And while you probably already know you want a new white dress (and apparently guys love them year round) maybe you don’t know what styles are out there or what would look good on you, so below are my top picks for white dresses that will work with many different body types:

Flowy-Short-Long sleeves

white summer dresses for women tissue White summer dresses for women elegant designs

Venetian -Short
Empire Waist-Long
Plus Size White Dresses For Women
So get out there, show off that hard-earned glow and make summer proud! And by the way, any fabulous gal knows that a little rule breaking is always in order. So go ahead rock that white dress all year-long! You look fabulous!

Do’s and Don’ts for dressing the fabulous man..

Women get to mix up their pants with skirts, dresses and the occasional skort (hey, we’ll admit it). But for guys, it’s almost all pants, all the time. So it would behoove men to get the details right, right?

Right. Unfortunately, many guys are making serious mistakes when it comes to wearing pants, from the cut at the top to the cuffs at the bottom. And don’t even get us started on pleats. So we’ve rounded up the most basic things about pants all men should know — because dudes, we women are watching. And judging.

1. Pants should never be pleated. Basically ever. Pleats are basically woman repellant, plus they make most men look bigger rather than slimmer. A flat-front pant (think most jeans and the suit pants worn on Esquire covers) will make trim guys look even trimmer, and help the average guy appear less schlumpy.

president obama hawaii vacation

2. There is a fine line between slim-cut and skinny. Your pants shouldn’t flare out, but you also shouldn’t have any issue getting the bottom of the legs over your feet. If you do, they’re probably too skinny at the ankles. Think straight from knee to ankle, with no billowing in the thigh.

3. Mid-rise is your friend — don’t go too low, and don’t show your undies. As GQ’s Glenn O’Brien once wrote, “Perhaps the Creator (or whoever plays him on television) put that navel there for a scientific reason, and that reason is as precise and ineffable as pi.” Your waistband doesn’t need to go all the way up to your belly button, but it probably shouldn’t be seven inches below in. In fact, a higher-waisted pant can do wonders for short guys.


4. Avoid light-wash jeans. They scream “’90s boy band” — or, alternatively, “I’m a dad and I dress like one.” Just ask President Obama.


5. Your jeans should fit just as well as your dress pants. Are your slim-cut dress pants nicely tailored? Then there’s no reason you should be wearing denim that’s floppy and baggy, especially in the thigh area. Tighten it up.

mens pants

6. Just because jeans are dark doesn’t mean they are “fancy.” Specifically, that doesn’t mean you can wear them with shiny black dress shoes.

mens pants

7. Distressed jeans are OK… if the distressing happened naturally. We’re all for the broken-in look, but if your pants are worn out, it’s probably time for a new pair. And if you buy them already destroyed, they’re probably not going to last very long.


8. Cuffs on pants are acceptable, but not necessarily stylish. Cuffs are generally associated with pleated pants, hence the uncool factor. (See #1.) Shorter guys should always avoid cuffs, as they visually shorten the legs. Taller men can work a cuff, but it usually looks sleeker not to. Just peruse the pages of GQ and Esquire — do you see any of those models with their suit pants cuffed?


9. If your pants are flapping around the ankle, they are too long. The key to pant length is the break, i.e. where your pants fall on your shoes and create a horizontal crease in the fabric. You want a small break so that pants skim the shoes, but not too long so the creased fabric flaps. Pooling around the ankle? Uncool.


BONUS TIP: Belts aren’t always necessary, but naked belt loops look sad. Though belts are technically accessories, they’re often your greatest ally. They keep your pants from falling down, after all. Just be sure to pick a color and style that complements your pants, and doesn’t call attention away from them.




Fabulous Men

It’s not just the ladies that need assistance in the wardrobe department, but the men could use a little help as well. Now I am going to make a huge generalization here; but why is it that most American men seem to ignore grooming and stylish dress, yet the European men seem to pull it off flawlessly? Now I know there are some impeccably dressed American men out there and they usually reside in our US major metropolitan cities, but the rest of the country seems to need help. I  know it is my own opinion and many women may disagree but there are a few things I can’t stand seeing on men.

1. Baggy pants that hang– Come on guys nobody wants to see your underpants. Plus those underpants aren’t usually even a fun flashy design, just plain ole tighty whiteys! Please pull up your pants. Better yet, get a pair of slacks that fit, a nice slim pair of trousers will show off your back side better than your old BVD’s.

2. Baseball caps- What are you hiding under there? If your hair is a mess, why not keep it short and cropped so you are always ready to go? If you are losing your hair, get an attractive cut that emphasizes what you have left. Look at Prince William, he is losing his hair and is still as polished and attractive as ever. A little hair product and a quick comb and you could look debonair instead of just plain sloppy. Now baseball caps are acceptable at say a baseball game. But even out in the sun, come on guys there are more attractive options out there.

3. Old t-shirts with a logo– Why advertise for someone else, unless you are getting paid to do so. Plus it just looks plain tacky. A nice button down shirt or Polo could serve you quite well, but instantly pulls your look together.

4. A beer gut- Now guys I’m not saying you need to be ripped, but come on! A beer gut hanging out of your t-shirt is never attractive.

5. Wife beaters- I am sure this one is a little more random, but I can’t stand to see a man in a tank top. Who wants to see unkempt arm pit hair?

I’m just curious ladies, which do you find more attractive?

Fabulous man

5 Tips to Style your Guy on Holiday

For the fabulous fellow!

fashion, food and flirts

zara men total look

No matter how intelligent your guy may be, most men are real dummies when it comes to clothes, especially when they need to go on holiday. Why is it that they will always end up wearing a boring white t-shirt with a basic Bermuda short? Or –pure horror– white socks in orthopedic sandals? Seriously, there is more to holiday fashion than a couple of boring ol’ t-shirts and dorky socks.

Here are 5 fashion tips that will definitely kick your man’s holiday outfit up a notch!

1) Say no to speedo!

Whether he wants to go for a swim or work on his tan by the swimming pool, go for casual yet cool swim shorts. (The only people allowed to wear speedos are synchronized divers and Ryan Lochte)

swim short1

swim short

2) It’s all in the accessories!

Who says men can’t wear accessories? It’s the perfect way to spice up a…

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