Fabulous & Sexy

How to be look Fabulous & Feel Sexy!

#1  Get yourself clean. Bathe daily.  But don’t wash your hair everyday, especially if it’s colored! This will fade your color and dry out your hair. Feeling and looking clean is crucial. Wash with a nice smelling body soap, a loofah or with a bathing sponge and you will smell great. Get out and pat yourself dry with a soft, fluffy towel, and rub in some rich body oil that doesn’t smell strong. You need to be soft and able to cuddle at all times, don’t neglect your hands, elbows, and feet. If possible try to layer matching scents on your body, such as soap, lotion, powder, and perfume. For example: If you bathe with a citrus smelling body soap, try to wear a citrus-smelling lotion also. Also make sure you shave your legs and underarms. Have deodorant on so you don’t have sweat stains.bathtub
#2  Practice good dental hygiene. This includes brushing, flossing and even mouth wash. Clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner or a spoon every morning for fresh breath. Get a check up and have your teeth cleaned often. Invest in a good toothbrush, water pick, and mouthwash. Always keep mints or breath spray on hand.
#3  Get groomed. Work with what you’ve got. But keep it neat and tidy. Trim finger and toe nails weekly, remembering to clean under the nail. No fancy nail polish colors are needed, but a simple beige color looks delicious. To do your eye brows with tweezers numb them with an ice cube then soothe them with any cream but if you can an Aloe Vera based one and pluck away. This takes away the pain and gives you full precision on the shape you want for your eyebrows. Or just wait until you get out of the shower, it’ll hurt less.  Once every 2 or 3 weeks, have a pampering day, including a manicure, pedicure, facial, and bubble bath, even if it’s just a spa day at home.
pretty hands

#4 Style Your Hair. Make a trip to the hair salon. A new cut or style will make you feel sexy and confident. Having a change of hair color is nice, too. Go for something natural and not too dramatic. Deep condition your hair at least once a month. In the mornings, flat iron your hair or put it in a messy bun, depending on your style. Adding extensions or a wig can radically change an everyday look from “ho-hum” to “wow” to turn a few heads. Studies show that most men are more attracted to longer hair. This is because longer, glossier hair is associated with health; if you get ill, the first thing the body stops maintaining is your hair in order to concentrate on sustaining more vital areas. And in terms of evolution, it makes more sense for a guy to be attracted to a healthy girl, it’s become natural to be attracted to hair that looks more healthy. Get split ends treated for shinier hair and use heat protectant to prevent them from coming back.

#5  Create flawless skin. Do a steam facial maybe once a week for up to 10 minutes, to open up your pores and get rid of blackheads and acne. To do this, get a bowl of boiling water and a towel, and just sit with your face in the steam, using the towel as a little tent/mini sauna over your head and the bowl. Doing it for longer then 10 minutes will just stress out your skin, which will just make it worse, so be careful. Wash your face right away afterwards with a cleanser made for your type of skin. Then rinse and splash your face with cold water to close your pores or, alternatively, get an ice cube and wait for it to melt a little. Then smooth it gently over your face until it melts; this closes your pores and prevents dirt going back into them. An alternative to this is to use a facial scrub to get rid of flaky, dead skin cells

#6  Show your personal style. If you are comfortable and look good, you will feel good. Forget trendy, find what looks good on you and your body type.

#7  Look in the mirror.  What features you are most satisfied with? identify them and play them up,  show them off with clothes, makeup, or accessories.  If you seem to know what you’ve got, others will get the message and notice you for what you have.

#8 Invest in a good pair of jeans. Dark denim looks good on all body types.

#9 Pick clothes that flatter your figure, and that you feel comfortable in. There’s no point picking the latest fashions if you don’t feel comfortable in them. Pick clothes that make you feel like ”you”.

#10 Wear jewelry that excites you. Find colorful, fun, bright chunky necklaces and bracelets, but if you wear lots of pearls and beads, don’t wear a shirt that has a pattern or a picture on it. Wear a monochromatic top with lots of multicolored jewelry.

#11 Black is sexy. It hides fat, creates curves and makes you feel like a goddess. Invest in an eye catching LBD.
#12 Sexy undergarments. But don’t flash them. Be classy about it, otherwise you look trashy. Try to maintain class as much as possible, while still being sexy.
# 13 Wear make-up. Just make sure not to go overboard. Subtle is very sexy in the same way that less is more. Accent one feature at a time. For example, one day, put on lip-liner, bold red lipstick, and mascara. For another day, wear subtle pink or clear lip gloss, and wear eye-liner to make your eyes stand out. If you need help creating a look, a mall makeup counter or independent beauty consultant would be happy to teach you for free.

#13 Get-in-Shape. Create an at home workout plan. Crunches and lunges equal flat, hard abdominal muscles, lunges equal toned legs, and squats equal a toned backside. Running or jogging works all muscles of the body and increases your stamina. Plus, the hormones your body releases while exercising carry on through your evening activities to contribute to your new sexy attitude.

#14 Sexy doesn’t equal skinny. Men are attracted to all body types. Curvy women are sexy too. Its all about the confidence you exude.

#15 Sex appeal involves a belief in yourself that you can and will appear sexy. Most public icons or even film stars carry their sexiness in their confidence. Even a simple smile shows confidence and appeal. In fact the starting point to sexiness starts with confidence. Find your passion in life.  Do you love to dance?  Act?  Sing? Listen to music that makes you move your hips? Remember, confidence is the key to being fabulous.


French Women and the art of L’amour…


Given that Paris is the most romantic city in the world, it makes sense that our French counterparts know a lot about the art of love.

This summer, French author Sophie Fontanel revealed that she went 12 years without having sex. In her book The Art Of Sleeping Alone, which the New York Times described as “very French,” she explains what she learned about sex and sensuality during that time.

In a post for Slate XX, Hanna Rosin explained how Fontanel’s experiences — and the resulting book — highlight the differences in attitudes about sex in France and America.

American books about abstinence end with important feminist lessons about dating and advocating for yourself. Fontanel’s ends, of course, with the sudden, final-chapter appearance of a mysterious beau who asks intriguing, loaded questions: What would happen if we fell in love?

So what exactly is different about women’s sex lives in France versus the U.S.A.? What are the cultural forces shaping them, and what lessons can we learn from them? Different isn’t always better, but we might learn something from how French ladies practice the art of amour.

Here are seven things French women can teach us about sex and love.

1. The “big O” isn’t everything. In 2012, psychiatrist and sexologist Philippe Brenot published a 300-page report on French women’s sexuality titled Les Femmes, Le Sexe Et L’amour. Brenot surveyed 3,404 heterosexual women age 15-80 who were married or in a civil union and who lived with their partner.  Seventy-four percent of his respondents claimed they had “no trouble” experiencing desire and pleasure, but only 16 percent climaxed every time. These results suggest that the majority of French women find sex pleasurable whether or not they reach orgasm — so maybe it really is all about the journey, not the destination.

2. There’s no need to slow down with age. According to data from 2008, 90 percent of French women over the age of 50 are sexually active compared with an estimated 60 percent of American women. Research shows that women over 50 enjoy sex as much as those in their 20s, so what is everyone waiting for?

3. Flirting is a way of life — and it’s not just about sex. In her book La Seduction: How The French Play The Game of Life, Elaine Sciolino explains how la séduction is a crucial element of French culture. But seduction might not mean the same thing to the French as it does to us.

“Seduction is conversation,” Sciolino told Forbes in a 2011 interview. “It could be a conversation of smell, a conversation of looking. It could be a conversation of speech; it could be a conversation between two diplomats. It is basically making contact with the other person and talking about or sharing what you have in common. Deciding what you have in common and then developing it.”

4. The art of the long-term romance. In 2001, John Gagnon and Alain Giami published an article comparing sex and sexuality in the U.S. and France. Their findings showed that French respondents had sex more frequently and were more likely to be in monogamous, long-term relationships.

In a June 2003 interview with Salon, Giami claimed: “The major difference between Frenchwomen and American women can be summarized as follows: The French are marathoners and the Americans are sprinters.” Sometimes it might be nice to slow down.

5. Marriage isn’t the be-all and end-all. Gagnot and Giami’s study found that French people are more likely to be coupled up, but less likely to be married. Giami told Salon: “The French have more ‘premarital cohabitation,’ ‘nonmarital cohabitation’ and even ‘noncohabiting long-term relations.’ What does this tell us? Perhaps French people are less likely to think of marriage as a natural step to take after — or even before — moving in together.

“Marriage is not the only honest and responsible way of bonding,” Giami explained.

6. Holding back a little can be sexy. In her interview with Forbes, Elaine Sciolino recalled a piece of advice that French singer and actress Arielle Dombasle offered her: “Never walk nude in front of your lover.”

While we’re personally of the opinion that being comfortable in your own skin regardless of the situation is something to celebrate, there is something to be said for the big reveal. “It all has to do with dressing and undressing and secrecy and hiding and revealing,” Sciolino clarified.

7. It’s fine to be the one making the moves. According to the 2008 Study on Sexuality in France, French women are becoming “increasingly assertive in their sexual habits.”

“The good old dichotomy (male predators, females patiently awaiting the warrior’s return in front of the cave entrance) is in big trouble,” French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur commented. We’re pretty glad to see those stereotypes fade away. If a woman wants to initiate something sexual, she should go for it.

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